UPDATED: Cabbie Who Scared Passengers With A Python Gets License Suspended

[UPDATE BELOW] Recently, Jimmy Failla—a former, but still licensed cabbie—has been promoting his book through a series of videos. In an effort to be Extra Viral, he brought a 14-foot Burmese python into a cab for one of them, and surprised screaming passengers as he sat laughing in the driver's seat. While his publicist assured us the whole thing was real, it turned out that was a lie and there was a snake handler in the car the entire time, a fact that came out after Failla was called out by both PETA and the TLC for the prank.

When we had reached out to the TLC at the time of the video's release, Allan Fromberg told us, “This was monumentally poor judgment on the driver’s part, and we are clearly going to actively question this person’s suitability to continue holding a TLC license.” While Failla isn't a full-time cabbie anymore, he does "occasionally get behind the wheel every now and then for fun," his publicist told us. But FUN'S OVER funny guy, as TMZ reports his cabbie license has been revoked.

"Jimmy tells TMZ the Taxi and Limousine Commission yanked his license for two years, but Jimmy is more than ok with it. He says he's gotten two TV development offers, his stand-up career is taking off and he's even auditioned for a slot on The Tonight Show. Failla says he's even been approached by producers to pull the prank in Los Angeles, though he says he'd need a fake taxi."

And yet only 180,000 views at press time...

UPDATE: Fromberg tells us Failla's license was NOT suspended (though we see how spinning that way is better for more press!), he says, "We made him aware that we were going to seek revocation, and he surrendered it voluntarily."

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