We decided to check out the Banksy pieces this morning and, lo and behold, the ones in the Chinatown, Financial District, and Soho have already been hit by Poster Boy, Smart Crew, and some weird guy's face. We'll be heading over to DUMBO later to see how that piece survived.

Update, 7:48am: Yup, the DUMBO piece was hit, too—Poster Boy again.

Update, 7:56am: In light of this weekend's prolific defacement of the Shepard Fairey piece on Houston, rumors of a massive graffiti/streetart beef are flying around town. But so far, it looks like the graffiti rage has been directed at just the biggest artists: Shepard and Banksy. Lesser known painters, like Dolk, who did a set of pieces last week in Brooklyn, so far seem to be unscathed.

Update, 9:49am: We reached out to PosterBoy for comment. They didn't deny the Banksy attack, but wanted to clarify that since Henry, the recently arrested Poster Boy, is apparently still cooling his heels at Rikers, he wasn't personally responsible for the work:

A comment? Sure—here's one of two new pieces we've done while "Poster Boy" is in jail: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26296445@N05/4615757083/—It's kind of laughable to think that Henry = Poster Boy. I'm sure he's a sweet kid but our guess is that he was just in the wrong place at the right time. Having said that, we could do far worse than to have him as our public persona - believe me, if you saw what the rest of us looked like you would never stop projectile vomiting.

Update, 8:37pm: Looks like Omar came along and really wrecked the Cedar Street piece. Will this war never end?

Update, 8:50pm: Omar also hit the Chinatown piece.