[UPDATE BELOW] The Ziegfeld Theater, one of the best movie theaters in the city, seems perpetually plagued by rumors that it will close. And though it's thus far managed to survive, it appears the Ziegfeld is once again at death's door—the cinema's leaseholder, Cablevision, says they've been asked to vacate the space to make room for a new tenant. A ballroom. Can you watch Star Wars in a ballroom?

The Post first reported on the move today—Cablevision said that their lease had not been renewed, and noted in a statement that "we will be exiting our lease in the coming weeks.”

In April, rumors swirled that the city's largest surviving single-screen venue was set to die at the hand of Cablevision CEO and noted blues band frontman James Dolan. Cablevision backed away from the rumor—which was sparked by Dolan himself—and put out a statement claiming the theater would "remain open for the foreseeable future." The foreseeable future is over, and the Ziegfeld looks like it'll be replaced by 10,000 square-foot column-free ballroom by fall 2017.

Update 12:05 p.m.: The Times confirmed today that the Ziegfeld Theater will indeed die as a cinema and reopen as the Ziegfeld Ballroom by fall 2017.

“We will be exiting our lease in the coming weeks to accommodate the new tenant,” Cablevision said in a statement. “We wish the owners of the Ziegfeld Theatre the best of luck with the future of the establishment and with the new tenant that they have selected.”