[UPDATE BELOW] Word on the street is that Williamsburg DIY venue 285 Kent is hosting its last show tonight. The venue's curator, Ric Leichtung, told us he "can't confirm" that the longstanding spot is closing, but didn't deny it either.

Last week, Brooklyn DIY promoter Todd P told My Social List that 285 Kent's "days are obviously numbered," citing the upcoming end to the lease on its South 2nd Street space.

We reached out to Todd P for confirmation, but have not heard back yet. If 285 Kent does close down after tonight's show—featuring Maria Minerva, CO LA and Silk Rhodes—it'll join fellow dearly-departed DIY spaces like Monster Island, which shut down in 2011.

Update 9:28 a.m.: Todd P tells us the rumors that 285 Kent is closed for good are "not true." But Leichtung confirmed last night via Twitter that there are no gigs booked at the venue in the foreseeable future.

Update 10:13 a.m.: During last night's performance, Estonian experimental singer Maria Minerva told the crowd, "We are witnessing the end of Williamsburg right here, right now. I personally don't have any other reason to come here except this venue." The Village Voice has more.