[UPDATE BELOW] New York is such a bustling metropolis that truly weird incidents can happen in the busiest parts of town and barely register a blip on anyone's jaded radar. On Wednesday, for instance, two men were observed pushing a small house into the street at Broadway and Grand for reasons which remain unclear. Viral marketing? Art project? Photo shoot? Bank robbery diversion? You tell us:

Passerby Alicia McCauley elaborates, "It was two guys pushing this little house into the street at every light change then dragging it back when the cars started moving again. No explanation. No signs or affiliations. I guess when life gives you fetid sewer steam make twee chimney art smoke?"

We haven't been able to find any online documentation whatsoever regarding the peculiar scene, so we'll just file this under "Whatever!" until we're informed it's marketing for Big Apple Chimney, "THE VERY BEST IN CUSTOM FIREPLACE BUILDING, RESTORATION AND REPAIR."
Update:EV Grieve reports that this is some sort of art project called #smokersnyc via photographer Mark Reigelman II. Better that than a chimney sweep commercial?

Still looking for an install site! /// #smokersnyc #NYC @centerforcraft #tinyhouse #mobilehome

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