[UPDATE BELOW] All those hours you spent hand-crafting a haunted chicken coop costume for the Park Slope Halloween Parade are for naught: Today the Park Slope Business Improvement District announced that the parade is cancelled. "NYPD and NYC Department of Sanitation are focusing on clean-up and safety efforts, post Hurricane Sandy," the announcement reads. "Therefore, the annual Park Slope Civic Council Halloween Parade will be cancelled this year. The parade WILL NOT be rescheduled."

This does not bode well for the city's biggest Halloween Parade, scheduled for tomorrow night in Greenwich Village. The 39th annual parade is under the supervision of the Patrol Borough Manhattan South, and the director of the parade, Jeanne Fleming, tells us that one of her NYPD contacts said this morning he was "95% certain" the parade would proceed as planned. However, this person also told Fleming he was "too far down on the food chain" to know for sure. The parade route extends along Sixth Avenue from Spring Street to 16th Street.

Fleming tells us she's waiting on the Mayor to decide, and her attempts to get through to City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (who represents Greenwich Village) have proven unsuccessful, because Quinn's phones aren't working. Told that the Park Slope parade was cancelled, Fleming indicated that it was not a good sign for the fate of the Village parade, which is significantly larger. She also told us she cannot cancel or postpone the parade herself, because of contractual arrangements with television stations.

Fleming has not yet heard from the Mayor's office. We'll update as soon as we know more.

Update 2:48 p.m.: Aaaaand it's cancelled. According to an announcement on the official Village Halloween Parade website, "For the first time in our 39 year history, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and the NYPD have CANCELLED the Parade. We hope that everyone who would have come to the Parade is safe and that those who can volunteer to help out at one of the Emergency Outreach Centers near you. We will surely miss all of you! Hallelujah Halloween!"

It doesn't look like it's being rescheduled, but we'll update if we find out otherwise.