As Grandpa Joe once sang, he may have never dreamed that he would climb over the subway preacher in musical ecstasy, but nevertheless it's there that he a short time ago was. Today, we are proud to introduce you to NYC's newest hero: the man in the video below who drowned out the hate speech with the classic Willy Wonka tune, "I've Got A Golden Ticket."

The video uploader notes, "I stopped the video before the NYPD got on and escorted the preacher off the train." Extra points for the classy hitchkick. Willy Wonka subway savior has truly made potato chip peacemaker proud today.

Please revisit the original song in its former context below:

Update: We spoke to the Willy Wonka subway savior himself, Rob Maiale, who turns 29 this week.

Maiale, a copywriter and voice actor who lives in Buswhick, told us about the incident, which occurred on the M train on Wednesday morning:

I was riding the M train on my way to work when this guy (who I've seen haranguing riders before) preaching to passengers. At first he was going on about people having sex outside of wedlock, okay fine. Next he began denouncing same sex relationships...unpopular opinion and a bit irritating, but again, 1st Amendment. I didn't say anything. Once his "preaching" shifted from an audience to an individual (a lesbian couple with a child) I decided that this guy wasn't going to get to talk anymore.

As for why he chose "Golden Ticket," he said: "What the man was saying was so absurd and hateful that I figured the most disarming thing would be something equally absurd and joyful. It's a snapshot from my childhood that embodied joy, overcoming adversity...and candy."

He added that police came onboard a short while after the video ended, and he and other passengers talked to them about the preacher, who they followed off the train at 23rd Street.

"I myself am neither religious, nor gay, but if you want to live in this city, you need to learn how to be civil," he added. "I'm not saying you have to like everything or everyone, but you do have to show respect."