Louis C.K. is the guest on the first episode of the new season of Jerry Seinfeld's web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, and he does not disappoint. After getting picked up a 1959 Fiat Jolly (a no-doors car Seinfeld thinks even Hitler could love), they head to C.K.'s boat to talk all about why C.K. won't shave his facial hair, the future of Louie, and going to see movies stoned. It's great enough that we get to see C.K. as a man of the sea—he also tells the full story of how he got his yacht stuck in the mud (that story starts at 17:15).

Among the other highlights: C.K. says he's already done writing 10 episodes of the new season of Louie (you can learn more about season 4 here), and comedian Stephen Wright is helping him with it (C.K. says he's bouncing ideas off of him). He also mentions that he can imagine doing the show for "7 or 8 years tops," although Seinfeld argues he should do more because Louie "can grow with you." "My show was about four single people doing this certain type of lifestyle," Seinfeld adds. "We didn't want to do Kramer's 50th birthday party."

Seinfeld talks about his relationship with Larry David: "We were on the phone for half an hour a couple of days ago, and the [fact David played golf with President Obama] didn't come up." C.K. says he considers NYC his home "for sure," and he absolutely loves going to the movie theater to see 3D Imax films stoned—doing that comes right under sex and good comedy on his list of favorite things.

Update: After leaking early online (and subsequently being removed), the lovely episode is back—you can watch it here now!