[UPDATE BELOW] David Lynch is in town filming his loooong-awaited Twin Peaks reboot...at South Slope's Grand Prospect Hall. Not since Lit Lounge took up with McKibbin Lofts has a more appropriate union been forged.

Are you skeptical? Re-watch this legendary 1986 GPH commercial, boasting its "distinctly elegant, yet affordable" ambiance...

...the perfect venue in which to have a total dance floor meltdown.

The hall also recently opened up a beer garden, filled with plants and trees perfect for housing owls and whatnots. We're on the scene now and will have more photos and information soon, provided we don't get stuck in the Red Room.

UPDATE: Crew on hand have all signed NDR agreements, and are unable to give out any information about the shoot. We dropped by, however, and it's definitely happening—click through for a look.

(h/t DNAinfo)

Update, August 18: According to DNAinfo, while something called Twin Peaks is indeed filming at Grand Prospect Hall, it isn't the Twin Peaks. Wha?

From the news site:

A spokeswoman for the Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment said the shoot was for a commercial that applied for its shooting permits under the title "Twin Peaks."

"According to the production, they are unrelated to the Showtime series," the spokeswoman said.

Fine, fine. But...look at this homepage.