Environmental activist and toxic waste aficionado Chris Swain has made good on his promise to once again willingly expose his body to the flavorful mix of "mud, poop, ground-up grass, detergent and gasoline" in the disgusting waters of the cancer-ridden Gowanus Canal. Swain, who is basically the closest thing we have to an environmentally-enlightened Kramer, will attempt to swim the length of the water-like substance in the canal today, regardless of his own health.

Swain attempted to do the swim last April for Earth Day as a publicity stunt designed to raise awareness about the canal's remarkable filth. But after a lot of hemming and hawing regarding the weather and where he would be allowed to rinse toxic goop off his body, he ended up exiting the water after paddling only three quarters of a mile.

But Swain is determined not to do anything just three quarters-worth this time: "Basically, I want to keep the promise," Swain told the Wall Street Journal. "I don’t want to do a partial swim any more than I want to see a partial cleanup of the canal." Let's hope for his sake that's true, so he doesn't have to brave the gonorrhea-infected waters once again in six months.

I mean, Jesus Christ dude:

Update: Check out more photos os Swain in the water up above, and a video below. You can learn more details about Swain's swim here; we'll have coverage of his (hopefully non-fatal) swim tomorrow.

Gowanus Canal Swimby Gothamist