[UPDATE BELOW] We interrupt this message on why soda makes you fat to bring you an important news update: The Jonas Brothers were forcing their Korean protegés The Wonder Girls to craft delicate pop songs in a slave-labor "music mill" at their Midtown studio! And now the city has shut them down! Or so says the New York Post in a two-sentence story lacking any information or context. Are the Jonas Brothers trying to compete with the iPad or something?

The Post's story notes that The Wonder Girls "brought in millions for the Jonas Group firm—yet the girls lived like illegal immigrants on a work farm, authorities said." The building in question was actually given a partial vacate order because the address is zoned for commercial use, "and the second and third floors are being used for rooming purposes." Not exactly a Disney Gulag! And 110 East 31st Street is actually owned by The Wonder Girls' management, JYP Entertainment, not the Jonas Group.

JYP and the Jonas Group have yet to return our calls, but no doubt they are busy trying to find and flush all of Joe Jonas' roaches in the Midtown studio. Have we learned nothing from 2gether?

[UPDATE] It seems that the Post realized the mistake of printing bogus, vague accusations against American Heroes, and has released a "Jonas Brothers Correction" on the piece. Incidentally, that is the name of our new band.