If you were worried the never-ending Lindsay Lohan Whistle-Stop Trainwreck Tour 2012 would slow down after she was arrested for allegedly hitting a pedestrian with her car or after she was allegedly choked by a guy she was partying with, then you don't know Lohan. This morning Nassau County police were called to the home of Lohan's mother because Lindsay and Dina Lohan were having a "huge fight". [Update below: It might have been about money!]

Police confirmed that they got a call about a domestic incident after 8 a.m. No one was arrested.

According to TMZ, "It started last night when the duo went to a nightclub in New York City. Our photog says they left the club at around 4 AM and headed back to Dina's home in Long Island. Lindsay and Dina started arguing in the car and it escalated when they got home. We're told it became physical with Lindsay sustaining a cut on her leg. We're also told there was property damage -- including a broken bracelet of Lindsay's -- that occurred during the scuffle." We can only hope and pray it wasn't one of Lohan's priceless electronic tracking bracelets.

A witness tells the Post that Lindsay yelled, "I’ve had enough of this!" and the paper adds, "At least four police cars and an emergency service vehicle rushed to the Merrick home but there were no arrests." The police said that the starlet called her father. Michael Lohan told the Post, “It was a hell of a lot more than" just the argument in the car.

The mother-daughter pair had been at the Electric Room at the Dream Downtown—the same spot that Lohan was headed when she supposedly hit a pedestrian. Dina Lohan was recently confronted about her bad parenting by Dr. Phil:

UPDATE: Some details about the fight are emerging, at least via the tabloids. TMZ says, "Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Dina was 'wasted' at the nightclub. We're told the fight started when Lindsay wanted to take her limo to her NYC hotel, but Dina wanted to take it to her home in Long Island, to avoid paying for a taxi. Somehow Dina prevailed, over the intense protests of her daughter."

The Daily News suggests that it's beyond just paying for a taxi, "The occasional actress/tabloid fixture was also reportedly irate over an unpaid $40,000 loan she gave Dina."