[UPDATE BELOW] Last night's thunderstorm failed to live up to the Biblical hail & wind-fire predictions, but we did see some rain here in NYC. And when New Yorkers finally emerged from their root cellars, they were met with one of the most delightful sunsets we've seen this spring. I don't pretend to understand how a storm's passage creates such rich shades of crimson and magenta, but you don't need to be a meteorologist to appreciate some seriously majestic beauty. You don't even need an Instagram filter to enjoy it (just to enhance it).

There must be some delighted shepherds (or sailors) tonight. #NYC #🌄

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If, like me, you missed the storm and the sunset because you were busy researching affordable wireless speakers on Amazon, here is some more pixelated documentation for you to enjoy on your desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device. I'm considering the Sonos Play 1, but if you have any recommendations please share in the comments.

Those NYC Post Storm Sunsets though. #nofilter

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Thunderstorm light in Chelsea tonight, NYC. #toddeberleinstagramprints.con #toddeberleclouds #twilight #nyc

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For years I've been listening to music at home on a really old temperamental boombox I keep on top of my kitchen cabinets, but it's from the Clinton administration and it now refuses to play my Talking Heads CDs now for some reason. I'd really like a decent speaker to play the music I have on my phone or laptop.

After last night's rain I was listening to some Benjamin Britten; this piece that Wes Anderson used at the end of Moonrise Kingdom is so transporting, but it's borderline criminal to play it on my laptop.

Anyway, that was one sweet sunset, right? Who needs wireless speakers or other trappings of post-capitalist consumer decadence when the sublime harmony of nature is expressed so eloquently, even here in the most "unnatural" of environments?

Maybe I should just get noise-cancelling headphones instead?

Update May 29th: Decided on the Sonos Play 1, ordered last night through Amazon Prime for $199. I'm having it delivered on Monday, so check back next week for updates regarding my satisfaction with this purchase.