According to Code Pink organizer Dana Balicki, they're not going to stand for a corporation that values "profits over people." That's why, last night, about 200 protesters covered in "oil" or dressed like sea creatures descended upon the Houston Street BP station to rally against the company's handling of the Gulf oil spill, and to keep motorists from filling up. However, the gas station and the police were clearly notified of the "flash mob" beforehand, and had time to fence off and close most of the property.

Protesters poured dirty water on themselves to demonstrate the suffering in the Gulf, and chanted "BP your heart is black, you can have your oil back." But there were no arrests, and the cops reportedly looked bored! Below, check out a video of some protesters explaining their motivations:

NYC BP Protest from j wilson on Vimeo.

UPDATE: We've added more photos of the protest, including one of what appears to be a man pouring chocolate sauce over himself. Way to stick it to the man! If you have any photos of the protest, tag them "gothamist" on Flickr.