[UPDATE BELOW]Coco66, a Greenpoint bar that has certainly had its share of issues in the last few years, is hosting a show this weekend that probably won't end well for anyone: Members of some of the bands slated to play on August 31 apparently have neo-Nazi ties, with fans in the past reportedly having caused some...problems.

According to the anti-hate group One People's Project, the show is being billed as a reunion of Tears of Frustration, a New Jersey hardcore band whose front man was "once a prominent member of the neo-Nazi organization National Alliance, and spoke at their Northeast States Conference in Jan. 2004."

There's more: "He has also performed in hate bands such H8Machine, a band that was associated with the neo-Nazi Hammerskins and released albums on the white power Panzerfaust label, as well as the National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM) band Grom." The lead singer of another band on the ticket, Lonewolf, has also apparently been photographed wearing a t-shirt of the white power band Skullhead.

The organization has compiled more than enough information on the various bands' ties to hate groups, but what does that mean for you? Well, it could mean that if you're going on a first OKCupid date and you're trying to think of something "breezy" and "different" to do, avoid dropping by Coco66. If your parents are in town and you're want to show them what a typical fun weekend evening looks like for you, avoid just checking in to see what's up at Coco66!

Calls to the venue's booker have not been returned. For what it's worth, the Acheron found itself in hot water last year after booking a similarly themed skinhead show, and eventually issued an apology on its Facebook page after some attendees made bigoted comments to the venue's staff.

Update: According to One People's Project, the show has been cancelled.