[UPDATE BELOW] There's nothing that stirs the passions quite like The Electric Zoo, which (mostly) happened this weekend. The mostly refers to Sunday's sudden thunderstorm, which washed out the event, even though organizers had promised that the concert would happen "rain or shine." Turns out lightning helps concert organizers rethink previous commitments.

Considering last year also had a day cancelled, one would think that concert organizers would have a refund policy figured out and ready to go, so as not to alienate would-be future concertgoers. But as in all things Electric Zoo, think again!

Shortly after the cancellation, Electric Zoo posted on their Facebook page the following:

Two days later, their website remains without update on any refunds. This is beginning to get to some ticket-holders:

"Thousands of people disappointed, angry and you're waiting this long to release an official statement? If the people running this organization have any sense left at all they will address the issues at hand. Most terrible customer service I've ever experienced. Had it been addressed earlier and people hadn't been forced out of tents and stranded into the storm like animals for the sake of 'safety' maybe this wouldn't be my third and final year at ezoo," wrote one attendee on the festival's Facebook page.

Complicating matters is that many of the ticket sales were done through Living Social, the online discount site that was offering steep discounts for tickets that Electric Zoo had trouble unloading weeks before the show. Ticket-holders have begun harassing Living Social's fairly innocuous Twitter account.

The Electric Zoo Facebook page has blown up with irate customers and even accusation that the concert organizers have been deleting particularly defamatory comments.

Reached for comment, Electric Zoo told Gothamist that it would send us info "as soon as it is available."

And so the zoo continues wantonly burning electricity, leaving a wake of would-be ravers sourly demanding their money back.

UPDATE September 4th, 2014: The event's organizers have promised refunds. Here's their announcement:

Electric Zoo will offer refunds for Sunday only ticket holders, the Sunday portion for 2 day ticket holders, and the Sunday portion for 3 day ticket holders. In addition, ALL cashless top-ups will begin refunding tomorrow, with the $5 service fee waived.

We regret that we had to make the tough decision in collaboration with NYC city officials to evacuate Sunday’s show, with no re-entry, due to dangerous and severe weather conditions, including lightning strikes and high winds. We had a great two plus days and thank everyone for dancing with us again this year. Please stand by while we finalize the refund process, more information coming soon at www.electriczoofestival.com.