Over the weekend, Brooklyn Law School announced their outrage at Diesel, claiming the clothing company tricked them into shooting racy underwear ads in their library by telling them they were going to do a tasteful jeans shoot. But could the models' cheeky, umm, cheeks have warmed the seats of the trains on display at the New York City Transit Museum? A few of these shots look like they were done on antique subways, and there's one that looks as if it could have even been shot on a working train, which are normally free of such smut.

We've contacted the Transit Museum to see if the photos were taken there and, if so, whether or not they share Brooklyn Law School's anger. In the meantime, the Post takes a look into just what made so many of the law students so angry. It turns out that the shoot took place in the middle of a regular school day in March, and the photographer kicked studying students out of the library so hot models could rub themselves all over their tort files. Photographer Chime Day Serra said students were upset and some "complained a little bit to us, but mostly to the intermediary from the school—and I guess our agreement with the school trumped them." That intermediary, events director Chris Gibbons, possibly faces termination over what went down.

Serra said he felt bad about kicking the students out. "You have to feel for those law students, we did take over part of their study area for a time," he said. He offered pizza as an olive branch after the 10-hour shoot, but said he couldn't remember if anyone took him up on his offer. He also said the crew really tried to make sure no identifying marks showed up in the shots, and unless you're a Brooklyn Law School student it probably looks like a random library whose books are now drenched in the sweet scent of half-naked ladies.

[UPDATE] Well, at least the MTA got back to somebody about the Transit Museum. A spokesperson told WPIX, "I can confirm that Diesel Jeans used the Transit Museum for a photo shoot. There hasn't been any fall-out related to the shoot at the Transit Museum, which took place in an area that was closed to the public, on a Saturday morning, mostly if not entirely before the Museum opened to the public. The Museum was paid. I don't yet know how much." The museum earns most of its money through the gift shop and an annual fund-raising gala, though the photo shoot probably didn't hurt. It's unclear if they too believed Diesel would be shooting a jeans ad, but nobody seems too upset with the final results.