According to Instagram user Tom Dixon, some "genius" in Bushwick is "bedazzling every single dog turd with gold glitter" found on a stretch of sidewalk along Dekalb Avenue near the intersection with Central Avenue. Here's Dixon's photographic evidence of the mastermind's work:

The inspiration behind the project remains unclear, and we can't ignore the possibility that there's a magical dog out there gifting Bushwick with golden turds. But the concept does evoke the more baroque stylings of canine fecal artist Miss Heather, whose holiday-themed excrement adornments have sold for millions at auction. At least one Gothamist editor dismissed these new glitter stylings as "derivative dog shit."

Reached for comment, longtime Bushwick resident and tireless Jefftown chronicler Rebecca Fishbein said, "Super, now I can track dog excrement AND gold glitter through my apartment."

UPDATE: There's more.