[Disappointing Update Below] There too few times in life when one has an opportunity to run on a human-sized hamster wheel—and there are even fewer times when one gets the opportunity to own their own human-sized hamster wheel. But now is your opportunity to do both: a Brooklyn man is giving away the room-filling, human-sized hamster wheel which he built himself. And he's getting rid of this larger-than-life item because it's ruining his friendships.

We contacted Sandra Z. Zzz after spotting his Craigslist ad this morning: "CAN ACCOMODATE UP TO 200 LBS. FULLY FUNCTIONAL. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HOUSES WITH SMALL CHILDREN OR ANIMALS. 50 LBS OF SHREDDED NEWSPAPER ALSO AVAILABLE." Zzz, who said he was in the middle of using the wheel when we called him, told us that he constructed the metal piece over the course of a year. He insists it isn't an art project: "I made made it so that I could run in it,” he said. "Exercise, novelty fun."

Sadly, it's taken a toll on his social life: "I can’t make any friends anymore. Any time I bring one of my friends over, there will be like a hamster wheel, like too much of a conversation piece. I can’t function as a normal human being anymore.” He explained further, "When I have a great conversation with someone and I bring them over to my house and there’s a hamster wheel, it’s this whole thing, then we talk about my childhood and stuff, it’s too much.”

Zzz is dedicated to giving the wheel away to someone soon ("A lot of people have been calling me about it, just have to find the right match for the hamster wheel.”), so if you're interested, you better act quickly.

Update: Sometimes a free human-sized hamster wheel is just too good to be true: Daily Intel also interviewed Mr. Sasha Z. Zzz, and discovered afterwards that the giant hamster wheel actually belonged to Seattle man Luke Trerice.

Zzz had told us he would send us his address to come see the wheel, so this explains the delay in getting that. Now we don't know whether we'll ever trust anyone giving away a giant hamster wheel again.