After unleashing a "grumpy" truck in Sunset Park yesterday, Banksy's latest piece for his Better Out Than In series just popped up at Noble and West Streets in Greenpoint. And according to Banksy, the graffiti is a response to a rejected NY Times editorial he wrote about One World Trade Center.

"Today’s piece was going to be an op-ed column in the New York Times," he writes on his site. "But they declined to publish what I supplied. Which was this..." You can see the editorial, which mocks the building for looking "like something they would build in Canada," above.

[UPDATE] A spokeswoman for the Times, Eileen Murphy, confirmed that Banksy's submission didn't make the cut. "He did submit an op-Ed and art. We couldn't agree on either the piece or the art, so we did reject it," Murphy said via email, adding, "What he has posted on his site is not exactly the same as what he submitted."

Murphy declined to describe the art or elaborate on what precisely was different with the version of the op-ed that appeared on Banksy's site. "It was close, just not exactly the same."