What A Girl Doesn't Want: To be arrested for throwing a bong out of a 36th floor window and going to court in a wig. But that's what former tween star Amanda Bynes is up to this morning, after her alleged misbehaving last night. A crowd of reporters and paparazzi were outside the court this morning—she said, "Can I ask you something? I would like to have no photographers in there. Is that okay?"

According to the Daily News, she "was a hot mess in gray sweatpants, a black sweatshirt and a platinum blond wig with bangs covering her face"—but she seemed polite at first, saying, "I'm feeling fine. How are you feeling?" Later, she yelled, "No press is allowed in here!" when she went into the press room.

Later she had an animated conversation with her attorney in the court’s soundproof box. When she wasn’t talking she was making crazy faces, mumbling to herself and staring blankly through the glass.

Bynes was arrested last night at 7:40 p.m., after the doorman at her apartment building on West 47th Street in midtown Manhattan called the police because she seemed to be smoking from a bong (or a joint) in the lobby. When cops arrived at her 36th floor apartment, she let them in—but then apparently realized the bong was in plain sight and tossed it out the window. Bynes may have been under, "a heavy sativa spell." Other reports say that her apartment smelled of pot.

Bynes was arrested for reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence and marijuana possession. She was taken to Roosevelt Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation (she was supposedly talking to herself) and then taken to a police station.

A mugshot shows that Bynes, who is on three years probation in L.A. for driving with a suspended license, has a shaved head (she shaved half of it last month):

One of her Manhattan neighbors said, "Pray for her. She needs help. She’s crying out."

Update: Bynes's lawyer told the judge that she denied throwing the bong out the window—she said it was a vase—and that the cops illegally entered her apartment. In fact, WCBS 2 reports, "Prosecutors admit police never found the bong."

While the DA's office wanted $1,000 bail, the judge released Bynes on her own recognizance. She took a cab home—from the Post:

Her lawyer asked if she had enough money for a cab ride home.

"I have none," Bynes said. " If you could give me a twenty I would appreciate it."

Bynes arrived at the Midtown apartment in the cab — with a Flashdancers advertisement on top - and, while still wearing the long, platinum wig, shielded her face from photographers with court papers.

"She said close the door and drop me off in the garage,” said her driver, Mir A. Hossain. She said lock the door and go quick...her lawyer gave me $20. The fare was $27."