It's been about four months since Long Island City street art mecca 5 Pointz was whitewashed by developers in the middle of the night. 5 Pointz is on its way to becoming yet another luxury apartment building, and some artists decided to make a statement about it today with a giant "Gentrification In Progress" banner.

Artists gilf! and BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) collaborated on the banner, which was put up sometimes last night. Back in November, six people were arrested for allegedly tagging the LIC graffiti mecca and the area nearby with markers.

Update: "Leave it to street artists to talk about something everyone everyone else had given up on," said graffiti and street art blogger Jowy Romano, who posted the Instagram above of the banner. "Gentrification is an especially relevant topic for artists because when the rent skyrockets in these neighborhoods, they are being displaced along with the people who grew up in them. Gilf, one of the collaborators on this banner at 5 Pointz, is hesitant to paint murals in her own neighborhood for fear of pricing herself out. It's really unfortunate."