FAIR: Tom of Finland Foundation is holding the 6th Annual New York City Erotic Art Fair all weekend. Thousands of works of Erotic Art by artists worldwide will be for sale, or just for looking at (pervert). This includes all media, gender & sexual orientation. There will also be life drawing workshops. The opening reception is tonight, so get the first peek.

All Weekend // The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Services Center [208 West 13th St] // Free

ART: This weekend artists will be opening their studios as galleries and museums open their doors - and hopefully you will be in the mood to see some art. The South of the Navy Yard Artists, Inc. (SONYA) community is celebrating the arts, so head over to their respective spaces (all located within the boundaries of Flatbush Ave, Atlantic Ave, Bedford Ave, and Flushing Ave in Brooklyn) and check out their work.

Saturday and Sunday // Noon to 6pm // Various Locations in Bed-Stuy, Ft Green and Clinton Hill [PDF of event map here] // Free

MOVIE: In college we decided we were going to skateboard (mostly as a way to gain balance on a board, since we wanted to learn to surf). Alas, we felt safer in the water, gravel hurts. But we did watch a lot of skate videos back then. This weekend Krooked Kronicles, Krooked Skateboards new skate video, will be premiered over at Seward Park HS.

Saturday // 8pm // Seward Park High School [Essex between Grand and Hester] // Free

2006_05_arts_bingo.jpegBINGO: We LOVE Bingo. Once we won $16, we were about 8 - so this was very exciting. Since that glorious night, we've been hooked. Wanna know the perfect beverage for playing Bingo? Free beer. And free beer there will be at the B-I-N-G-O Benefit this weekend. The benefit will raise money to support Pro-Choice Mississippi and reproductive-rights activist Cecilia Fire Thunder. So play your little hearts out, and enjoy that free beer.

Saturday // 6:30pm // Pete’s Candy Store [709 Lorimer St, Williamsburg] // $7

STREET FAIR: Hopefully the apocolyptic weather will roll out of town before Sundays 5th Ave Street Fair. Held outside of Southpaw in Brooklyn, the fair includes crafts, cars (vintage!), a puppet show and bands. On the bill: Kudu, Nuclear Family, Pencilgrass, Alice Smith and more.

Sunday // Noon to 6pm // Outside of Southpaw [125 Fifth Ave, Park Slope] // Free

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