2005_05_prospectparkdogs.jpgSome Brooklyn residents are upset over the closure of three small parks near 18th Street and the Prospect Parkway. The NY post reports that many dog owners had used the parks as unofficial leash-free dog runs, but now the parks are being reseeded. And while Prospect Park is incredibly dog friendly, some residents feel that it's too far a walk. The Parks Department is considering other locations for dog runs in the area, and says that two of the three parks will be open to leashed dogs. How about dogs that run around with leashes but not with their owners attached?

Here's a list of NYC dog runs, courtesy the Parks Department. Gothamist doesn't have a dog, but we do find ourselves cheering ourselves up by seeing the wackiness of the dog run social dynamic. Another city dog website, urbanhound, and we love Fort Greene Pups, the Fort Greene dog website.