You've seen the ads. You've seen the shipping containers stores. You've seen the boarded space in SoHo. But people are anxious to check out the Japanese Gap-style store, Uniqlo, which promises to sell chic basics for good prices. Think American Apparel in denim, wool or cashmere. The Post ran a big story about Uniqlo on Saturday:

In the market for a simple winter hat? You can pay $18 for an acrylic pompom cap at American Apparel - or just $10.50 for UNIQLO's knitted lamb's wool. How about a warm winter parka? Gap's $168 men's hooded utility coat is 100 percent unfilled cotton; UNIQLO's down-filled coat with detachable hood is just $98.

The Post also noted that a pop-up shop would be open on Broadway between 79th and 80th Streets, and reader Myszka was eager to check it out. Unfortunately, she found a not-ready store and had a baffling exchange with an employee (we think):

M: Hi, is this [construction site] supposed to be Uniqlo [the store that's supposed to be open today through Saturday]?
Uniqlo: Yes, it is.
M: Oh, are you an employee?
Uniqlo: (Hesitantly) Yes.
M: Um, the New York Post said the pop-up store would be open this week starting today, so...is it?
Uniqlo: I'm sorry.
M: Huh? I asked if the store was open.

Uniqlo: It will be about another week or so.
M: Oh, well, I'm sort of mad because I walked up here based on what I read in the Post.
Uniqlo: I'm sorry. I can't.
M: You can't...what?
Uniqlo: I can't.
M: Are you in PR?
Uniqlo: No.
M: What do you do for Uniqlo?
Uniqlo: I'm sorry. I can't.
M: So, the Post article ran on Saturday and Uniqlo clearly could have made consumers aware that this store wouldn't be open in time.
Uniqlo: I'm sorry. I can't. You're going to have to speak with PR about that.
M: Oh, OK. [Good thing you're standing out here in front of the store then.]
We've put in a call to find out what's happening. Has anyone experienced Uniqlo? Should people we waiting for its arrival anxiously? And a Uniqlo shipping container will be in Astor Place on Saturday.

And there's something in the water uptown, as protesters gathered outside the Victoria's Secret a few blocks north. No, not because Victoria's Secret is too sexy but because it wastes too much paper with its catalogs.

Photograph of people outside soon-to-be Uniqlo store on Upper West Side by Myszka