Remember Bushwick-based artist Normal Bob Smith (aka Bob Hain), who kept track of the many weirdos lurking around Union Square, peeping at unsuspecting skirt-clad girls? Well, it turns out that his exhaustive research isn't just for entertainment purposes—Inside Edition has teamed up with Smith to help bust the creeps.

"For the last several months I’ve been helping Larry Posner and his crew at IE weed out and nab the peepers on film, just as I’ve been doing for the last 8 years," writes Hain on his blog. “It was shocking to learn how prevalent it was in the park,” Posner told the Times. “We had heard about it, but to see it day in and day out, our staffers were equally disgusted.”

Posner said his IE crew did not contact the police about the creepy peepers, but he hopes that "by showing this, we’ll bring awareness to this issue and action will be taken.” The episode was set to air today, though no clips have surfaced just yet. If any IE superfans taped the show—get in touch with us and Hain, who doesn't own a TV to see the fruits of his labor.