If something happens in this city without artisanal food vendors, does it even really exist? The increasingly ubiquitous food truck armies are all around us, up in our base killing our d00dz, and their latest conquest is Union Square, where a formidable array of food vendors will be setting up shop at the arts and crafts holiday market. There will also be a "Little Brooklyn" section of the market this year, because Brooklyn Uber Alles.

We're told the food vendors will include Momofuku Milk Bar, Sigmund's Pretzels, Mayhem & Stout, Wafels & Dinges, Mighty Balls, Hong Kong Street Cart, La Sonrisa Empanadas and "many more." The best part about this is that local workers and residents who don't want to brave the often crowded market will be able to order delivery from many of the vendors via SeamlessWeb.

As for Little Brooklyn, the new district is what you might expect: a cluster of local, handmade goods made by precious Brooklyn artisans with enormous beards. It's unclear if the StyleBlaster webcam will be there, but it goes without saying that you should dress to impress if you're visiting Little Brooklyn! Just don't count on getting a cab driver to get you there from the main area of the market, ha ha.

The holiday market kicks off next Friday, and we're told visitors can download a free iPhone app called "Here App" which includes "an interactive map of the market, vendor descriptions and even discounts and deals." A number of the vendors will also be donating proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief, and there will be a donation basket in the information booth with proceeds going to the American Red Cross.