Pictured: Jon Crow entering Union Hall; from surveillance video.

Before the big meeting tomorrow at Borough Hall, the Brooklyn Paper weighs in on the great Union Hall debate of Aught Eight. Recently some neighbors, led by Jon Crow, rallied together to stop the renewal of the establishment's liquor license at the end of the month; one neighbor, who has since moved, told us, "This place had a serious impact on my life, on my wife's health, and threatened the health and well-being of my child. No one's fun is worth that, to me."

Last week at the CB6 meeting, comedian and Park Slope resident Eugene Mirman spoke in favor of the venue, and he wasn't the only one. However, the anti-Union Hall folk took over the room and turned to heckling and name-calling tactics. Still, CB6 voted in their favor.

Today The Brooklyn Paper reports on the controversy, which now involves some more ugliness! There are currently charges that one of the bar’s competitors, and CB6 seat holder, has a conflict of interest; Lou Sones is the owner of the Brazen Head bar which is down the block from Union Hall's sister bar Floyd.

“The committee member who made the motion and spoke most aggressively in favor of it is a direct competitor to Union Hall’s sister bar [Floyd, on Atlantic Avenue],” a board member wrote to CB6 in an e-mail shared with The Brooklyn Paper. “It looks like the community board is being used to further the narrow business interests of one of its members.”

An anonymous board member, who voted in favor of Union Hall, is concerned that the neighbors have exaggerated their complaints; something that is backed up by video! Watch it here. Jon Crow is caught on the surveillance camera entering the bar, after which he called 911 to complain that it was over-capacity when it clearly wasn't. The FDNY later reported Crow to the fire marshal for filing a false report.

Tomorrow night the saga continues, as the two sides meet again. Pick a team and head over to Borough Hall (209 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn) at 6:30 p.m. to show your support.