An argument over a terrier in Brooklyn shows the problem of mixing real estate, animals, and religion with friends. Anthony Bruni, a mute man with cerebral palsy, had purchased a $1,000 dog for the birthday of his goddaughter, the daughter of his tenant and friend, Frank Asomoza. However, it seems that Bruni really liked the dog and he ended up suing for visitation rights. Bruni claimed that they were to share the dog, but the Asomoza family said that the dog was supposed to be daughter Katherine's. Bruni's mother then raised the rent on their Midwood apartment - where they had lived for 16 years - and the Asomozas decided to settle. They accepted $1,000 to buy a new dog, and will move out of the apartment in six months. While Bruni is thrilled, his friendship with the Asomozas is ruined.

Thought it's not exactly a divorce, splitting animal custody is tough, but some people do manage to do it. Here's an article from Pedigree about the effect of divorces on pets. And Gothamist suggests that godparents limit their gifts to cash and prizes - no pets.