On Wednesday night, Gothamist immediately collapsed because we were so tired from our hours of transit strike-commuting, only to be greeted with yesterday's news that the strike would be over. Which leave us here on Friday to discuss the last episode of Project Runway. For starters, the lingerie challenge meant there was more ass on display than most beaches during spring break (and we were secretly excited to see cellulite on the model's butts - their bodies certainly were hot, but humanish). Also amazing: Daniel Franco's pitch of "Lovemaking" lingerie to Heidi; the editing totally made it look like she was falling in love with him, or, more accurately, his love of fine vestments. If only he could get it together!; also, for his Mrs. Robinson-style lingerie, we totally feel he could have designed the skirts to be taken off, to reveal a skimpier, even sexier teddy or something.

Anyway, our love for Santino disappeared when he made fun of Diana, Guadalupe and Marla's team, snickering that they probably never had sex, and when he freaked out on the runway. Chloe and Nick, though, rule. And Daniel V. and team did design a pretty nice collection, but it was kinda boring. However, Tim Gunn's reaction to Daniel V.'s design, via his blog, is pitch-perfect:

I, too, responded well to the sleek silhouettes and minimalism of designs, but there was something about the collection that looked very Playboy Bunny, and that disturbed me. It brought out my inner-feminist!

The best was when Diana pointed out that the model who didn't want to wear revealing outfits shouldn't be a model - if only she said it to her face!

Do you love or hate or lovehate Santino? Is he going to be the talented Wendy Pepper of season 2? And who do you think has a chance to be in the final three? At this point, we'd say Chloe, Santino and Nick - Daniel and Zulema are wild cards.