Retailers aren't the only ones with window display worth ooohing and ahhing over. NYU's got an ethereal window display up at its Washington Square Windows gallery—and thank goodness it’s not holiday themed, lest we poison ourselves with too much holiday spirit.

These portholes take you to an “Aquatic Garden” designed by Jae Hi Ahn, whose work goes for thousands of dollars. Magnificently colorful gems of the sea seemingly float along, transporting you from the urban jungle to the peacefulness of the ocean depths. The mesmerizing twists and turns of red, pink, green, and blue turn into deep-sea flowers.

Nose-pressed up against the giant windows, you notice it’s a study of contrasts. As beautiful as the work is, it’s made-up of not-so-pretty materials—cracked beads and wire. And, as much as they embody nature, the anemone and coral are in fact built out of man-made plastics. Ahn says, "My inspiration comes from insignificant items that I re-define, re-purpose, and re-value…. I use industrial and craft materials and methods [to] make natural/organic forms…. I try to re-identify the ephemeral by transforming it…."

It’s a great week to head to the beach—or at least, the “Aquatic Garden” facing Washington Square Park.