Secret Formula, the folks who bring you sing-along parties focused on everything from Aladdin to Jem & The Holograms, aren't Waiting For The Man to Rock You (get it?! HA!) with their latest event: David Bowie meets Queen.

That's right, relive the soundtrack of your neon-clad glory days with their "Under Pressure" sing-along at Union Hall this Sunday, where you can get drunk and scream "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Space Oddity" at a screen with a bunch of other drunk people. It's like karaoke but so much better, because you don't have to sit through that one girl who always wants to try her hand at Kelly Clarkson!

Organizers encourage costumes and makeup ("Wear an eye patch! Grow a sweet ‘stache! Dress like a clown! Squeeze into some tight leather!") and promise drink specials like the Major Tom, the Goblin King and the Fat Bottomed Girl. Tickets are only $8, so you should have some cash left over for those leather chaps.

Here's a look at the original for inspiration: