Gothamist's favorite criticism of Uma Thurman's dress comes from Michael Gallagher, who tells the Post, "Christian Lacroix performed an abortion on Uma Thurman. The dress was hideous. She looked like a nun in a Cossack factory." If only everyone had a style maven to brutally dissect what you thought was the dress for you to wear on such an important night. And at least her dress gave us something to talk about like: "A giant doily." "Exploding kimono." It's one thing if you're Bjork and expected to dress all wacky and's another if you've started the trend of couture at awards shows.

whatevs pointed out criticism of the dress yesterday (the Daily News saying, "The blond glamazon gave bed sheets a bad name when she wrapped herself up in one and tied her middle with what looked like a dishrag.") And Uma did change after the ceremony, into something more sparkly and less-criticism-prone.

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