2003_7_jackwhite.jpgThe Post reaffirms that ugly might be the new black, as it lists all the lovely ladies of screen who are involved with rockers. Renée Zellweger is dating the White Stripes' Jack White, Gwyneth Paltrow is dating Chris Martin of Coldplay, Nicole Kidman supposedly canoodles with Lenny Kravitz, Liv Tyler married Royston Langdon of Spacehog, Drew Barrymore is dating Fabrizio Morretti of the Strokes, Kate Hudson is expecting a kid with Chris Robinson, Cameron Diaz seems to spend a lot of time with Justin Timberlake these days and Winona Ryder is with a rocker, we just don't know which one at the moment. Fashion stylist Sarah Shirley tells the Post "[Actresses] like the appeal of being with a person who's in the limelight but who isn't gorgeous," but Gothamist suspects Shirley is either blind or prone to hyperbole - Lenny Kravitz is hot.

Derek JeterGothamist thought that was interesting, because of the recent Slate piece by David Plotz, that discussed the dynamics of celebrity dating. He cites Jeanette Wall's hierarchy of celebrity dating, and rock stars are at the bottom: "Rock stars, after all, will date anyone. Rock stars date porn stars." Like rock stars, it seems like some super star athletes tend to date strippers and Playboy playmates, if not porn stars. Some are able to make the leap, like Rick Fox, but David Justice couldn't make it work with Halle Berry (being an abusive husband didn't help). Derek Jeter, though, has had girlfriends ranging from beauty queens (Lara Dutta), ingenues (Jordana Brewster), and bona fide, if also bona fide crazy, music stars (Mariah), as well as the occasional strip club hostess. Gothamist wonders if Jeter would be able to go out with a woman who had a regular job (she'd be hot, of course) and who was smart. Then again, "hot in a tacky, maybe trashy, way" might be the turn on, and "tacky, maybe trashy" is neutralized by fame. Ah, will "tacky" be the next new black?