Sarah Jessica Parker in a Versace dress; Photo: HBO

You know how in the second to last episode of Sex and City, when Carrie is in Paris, waiting for Petrosexual to whisk her away to dinner or something, and she's wearing an elaborate grey (it's really blue and brown tulle) Versace dress that was clearly a pain to make but actually really ugly when you thought about it? And when you thought about it more, you thought it was better when Alexander McQueen did it first? And then you thought Carrie was dumber than usual for falling asleep in it, probably because it weighed so much it was making her tired? Well, it's for sale at the Versace store, and since people were trying to buy empty tampon boxes (props!) from various Sex and the City sales, it's no surprise that people want it. The dress of 10,000 ruffles can be ordered for $80,000 but you can have the dress that Baryshnikov stuck his head up for $39,000. Or, for $39,000, a NYC school teacher would just about be paid for a year of work.

Gothamist does love Sex and the City. We just love making fun of it, too.