Photo via EV Grieve

Even before the Upright Citizens Brigade opened up their new outpost in the East Village, the neighbors were complaining. First it was about the name—"Hot Chicks Room"—they gave their bar, then the red velvet curtains that reminded them of a brothel, and now that's it's opened, it's the noise. How generic. EV Grieve spotted this note outside of UCB, which is located at 3rd Street and Avenue A—it reads:

The noise from the people coming out of the comedy club last night at 11:55 p.m. was loud enough to wake me.

I called the police. If this happens again, I will call the police again. They get enough complaints and they will start giving out summons.

The people were just standing around blocking other people from walking by. I'm calling the fire department to find out if this is a violations.

Look around you. There are apartment buildings with people trying to get a few hours sleep. Start being a good neighbor and tell those people to keep their voices down and stop blocking the sidewalk.

We ran in to Amy Poehler earlier this year, and she addressed the previous complaints, saying, "We know it's important to be good neighbors so we want to do what we can to feel like we're part of the East Village, which we feel very connected to. Whoever wants to come in, we welcome them, and we'll show them a good time. That sounds sexual. There will be 24/7 stripping."

Regarding this latest "offense," we dug into some back logs at the library, and it actually turns out that people have been standing on the sidewalks in the East Village long before UCB opened, sometimes ever later than 11:55 p.m.!