Pretty good Super Bowl party, Buck. I mean, the hot wings are good, even with that mesquite-forward sauce you insisted on using, and the delay your TV is doing—that weird HD delay thing—doesn't really matter anyway. Plenty of napkins. I know it's only halftime but I should be go—oh, hey, someone buzzed. Is that a band? Cheerleaders? HA HA Buck this is incredible! This is an experience! HA HA watch them dance, Buck! Watch them dance!

Only this isn't what Uber and Pepsi are doing. From the release:

This week on Tuesday and Wednesday Pepsi is teaming up with Uber to give people their own personal halftime show complete with a band, cheerleaders and a MC. Only available for Uber NYC, users can order a halftime experience and enjoy a show customized for them on the corner in front of their apartment.

Your own personal halftime show. On Tuesday and Wednesday. The Super Bowl is on Sunday. The Super Bowl of Assholes Who Enjoy Ordering Corporate Flash Mobs Like Pad Thai is on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The promotion lasts from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We asked Uber's press contact what the company means by "band" (Alt-country? Glenn Miller's reanimated corpse?) and whether this thing costs money and have yet to receive a response. [UPDATE: It's free. Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere is curating the shows, and UCB performers are acting as MCs.]

The marketing ploy comes timed perfectly with some less exuberant PR in the New York Times.