Once we start taking real live cats off of the Internet where they belong and using them as marketing tools or to stuff our pockets with Friskees money, that's when we have to take a deep breath of dander and wonder if this whole cat-as-meme craze has spiraled out of control. The latest company to use Kitten Power is Uber—today they're offering kitten deliveries in New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. All you need to do is download their app!

You stopped reading at "kitten delivery" and already downloaded the app, didn't you?

The company has partnered with "the most popular meme site, Cheezburger, to bring you kittens. Literally." That's right! They will literally take these tiny little creatures out of their comfort zone and tote them around to different offices where they'll spend fifteen minutes being handled by a number of strangers before being delivered to the next location. Tiny, fragile, new-to-this-world baby animals probably won't find this at all terrifying!

Also, there will be cupcakes for some reason.

The cupcakes and the kitten time will cost $20, and all proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA. And if you can't handle letting the furball you just befriended 15 minutes ago leave you, you can impulsively adopt it! Just talk to your kitten wrangler on site... and when you eventually go to return it to the shelter: don't forget to take Uber!