We're a bit unclear whether Taylor Swift still holds her position as New York City's Global Welcome Ambassador or whether she had to forgo the title once she caused that eclipse to happen, but she better watch out because Bono is coming for her office. U2 have released the music video for their new single 'You're The Best Thing About Me,' in which the band literally tour the city on a tourist bus.

The video, which was directed by Jonas Åkerlund, shows the band "reveling in the sights and sounds" of Midtown. According to a press release: "Shot earlier this month while the band were on tour... the video is a fitting backdrop for the "You're The Best Thing About Me”—Bono's love letter to his wife Ali—and serves as a visual tapestry of tribute to New York and a serenade to the city’s iconic symbols of American compassion and liberty."


This music video has everything you could want from a U2 video: Bono taking selfies with strangers, lots of juxtapositions of the American flag and the Statue Of Liberty, Adam Clayton looking profoundly bored and/or eating pizza, American flag umbrellas, Bono kissing himself in the mirror, the band mimicking a performance in front of the Tribute In Lights, even more American flags, the realization that the group shot over 80% of this video in Midtown (basically everything except the Tribute In Lights stuff), Bono giving the middle finger to Times Square, a woman reciting Emma Lazarus' poem, and the sinking feeling that this is the best any of us can expect from a new U2 single in 2017 (but hey, that bridge from The Edge is pretty good!).

It's just like that old late-period U2 song goes: it's a beautiful day, don't let B-roll footage of the Statue of Liberty get away.