didn't think Gothamist had enough MC Hammer jokes for a lifetime, so he passed along information that the Hammer is developing a comedy series for the WB, which would be based on his family life after leaving the music scene in 1997. Writer/producer Devon Shephard tells Billboard, "The show is going to focus more on his family as well as himself adjusting to their new lifestyle – ;they're not broke, they're not rich, they're just not in the same tax bracket as they were when he was a rapper – as well as his kids adjusting to having their father at home every day." Yes, in this case, the father really is someone to make fun of, based on those pants alone!

But Gothamist cannot forget the MC Hammer cartoon of 1991, "Hammerman." Mighty Beatnik thoughtfully has a video file of the opening credits and this description of the cartoon: "Hammer stars as Stanley Kirk Burrell, a worker at the community centre helping local children. Whenever the hammering beat of his rapping rhymes activates his magic dancing shoes, streetwise Stanley is transformed into Hammerman –the first musical superhero." And from the dusty backroom files of Gothamist, we seem to recall the notable Jewish landlord stereotype as well.