We're pretty conservative with our font choices: here on Gothamist, you're not going to see anything besides Arial, Verdana, and maybe a little Trebuchet. Still, once in awhile we want to dazzle up a Powerpoint slide with some fonty goodness-- and for that we love using graffiti fonts. One problem: good graffiti fonts are in very short supply. We've always fantasized about having a repository of fonts by the greatest graffiti artists of the last 20 years, available for download at a reasonable price. That was just a crazy dream-- until now! Check out Handselecta-- it's a classy graffiti font foundry-- currently stocked with five fonts by Sabe, Joker, Mesk, and Mesh. More writers are coming on board every day-- we can't wait to see that ESPO font. The fonts are priced starting at $45, and prices increase up to $90 if you want all the variants. [Related: BrooklynKid's original graffiti font is still available for download at $20-- it's probably the most popular graffont in the world.]