Not too long ago the Department of Health paid of visit to the New Museum's Carsten Höller Experience exhibit, which features a sensory deprivation tank, called the "Psycho Tank." Upon their departure they told the museum the tank, which visitors float around in naked, could only have one person in it at time, but overall cleared the exhibit. Now a recent visitor is claiming she contracted an ear infection from the tank, as did her boyfriend. She tells us:

"I went to the New Museum with my boyfriend on Sunday, November 27th. My boyfriend and I waited in line for three hours to float in the sensory deprivation tank... Which means that I would float around naked in a tank that many museum visitors had already been in that day. I recognize some risks here, but the water was heavily chemically treated, and the NY Health Department had already cracked down on them for some issues, so I figured, how much more dangerous could this be than a typical pool?

Well, at least marginally more dangerous. Two days later, we both had very painful ear infections in both ears. I had never had an ear infection in my life! After 8 days of antibiotics, our ear infections are STILL not gone. I tried to post this information on their Tumblr, but surprise, surprise, the moderator has not yet approved my post."

Aside from trying to post on the Tumblr, she hasn't tried contacting the museum. We reached out this morning for a comment, but have yet to hear back. It's possible this infection came from somewhere else, or that's it's swimmer's ear, but she tells us, "I am absolutely certain it came from the tank. We both are not prone to infections—and I've never had an ear infection before." Has anyone else experienced a problem at the exhibit (which, by the way, is pretty amazing, so we hope not).