2005_08_gunit.jpgLloyd Banks and Young Buck of G-Unit, the 50-Cent spin-off group, were arrested for gun possession, along with others in the car. Just hours after their concert with Fitty and Eminem at Madison Square Garden, where the Daily News says they yelled, "F--- the police!" when they walked offstage, the group ran a red light at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Police say that since the group was acting "antsy," the police decided to search the car, finding two loaded guns. Gothamist doesn't want to make any assumptions, but arresting rappers with guns? That's like shooting fish in a barrel. A security guard claims the guns were his, but the police are skeptical. What didn't help matters was when a member of the entourage tried to hit a police officer. A lawyer for G-Unit say the undercover police officers had followed the entourage from MSG. On the upside, there weren't any incidents at Monday's and last night's 50 Cent/Eminem concerts, as the NYPD had feared.