Alfred Lerner Hall; Photo - Columbia University I saw Anger Management the other night and while it's incredibly stupid, there were two things that brought down the house for me:

- There's a plot point where Jack Nicholson's character's mother is having surgery in Boston. Jack and Adam take a road trip from New York to Boston, finding themselves at Boston Country General - which happens to be set at 114th Street and Broadway in Manhattan: The exteriors were shot at Columbia's Lerner Hall. I laughed and laughed and laughed, causing people to wonder who the crazy girl laughing at absolutely nothing was.

- Adam Sandler's character works for a pet accessories company and designs clothing for overweight, "husky," cats. There is a fat cat in the movie (though it's unclear if it's a truly fat cat or a cat wearing a fat suit), and that was my favorite part of the movie. How to tell if your cat is fat.