0808315.jpgAnother day, another Andy Warhol lawsuit. The NY Sun has the latest on artist John Chamberlain, who has been claiming he owned a piece by the artist, titled 315 Johns. However, a former Warhol assistant, Gerard Malanga, says he created the piece. What's the connection? Malanga says he stored the work at Chamberlain's apartment, and sometime around the year 2000 the latter submitted it to the Andy Warhol Art Authentication Board, who dubbed it an original! "In 2004, Mr. Malanga claims, he ran into Mr. Chamberlain, who told him that he had sold the work as an authentic Warhol, for $5 million." The Supreme Court of the State of New York judge says the Warhol board's decision isn't binding on the court, however. Malanga is seeking to be compensated or to have the piece returned...or for his 15 minutes? His lawyer also noted that this case "once again raises questions about the competence and integrity of the Warhol authentication board." Burn!