For a second week in a row, I went to Tinkle. Lessons learned for anyone interested to going:
- Friends are necessary to chat with while waiting on line;
Patton Oswalt performing somewhere else- Alcoholic drinks can help numb the pain of being on line;
- Do not sit in the last row or else may suffer idiots standing behind you hitting your head.

The show got off to a rough start - maybe they didn't have a V-8, because something seemed a little out of groove. The first performer was Demetri Martin, recently profiled in the New Yorker as being a palindrome expert; he used drawings on a big pad...I mean, "material enhancers" and music for his performance, but there were issues with the easel for that threw things off. Then the next performer, Clay Peterson, used a combination of motivational speaking and balloon animals to mixed results in a room full of Lower East Side hipsters (yes, hipsters). Luckily, there was Patton Oswalt. Patton has a recurring role on King of Queens, but there is no way that show could showcase his brand of comedy. It was just wonderfully rambling, politically searing, and hysterically funny. Truly the star, Patton also mentioned a recent night in Pittsburgh where middle class suburbanites booed him off stage due to his Bush jokes and then he reenacted various complaint letters with actors including Fred Armisen. It could be said that Patton's performance redeemed the evening.

It was also David Cross' birthday, and the producers of Tinkle asked the audience to start singing "Happy Birthday, Fucking Asshole" once Jon Benjamin said moustache twice - no easy feat. Gothamist hoodie In administrative news, Todd Barry told people who were taking pictures (with flash) to turn in their film, lest Tinkle pictures "show up on a blog." David Cross said, "Todd, aim higher than a blog." Gothamist considers that a shout-out and will next aim to get the full URL - http, backslashes, and all - mentioned. Maybe we need to get Todd, Jon, and David hoodies.