This morning, the Today show had one of those alarmist segments about how TV programs like CSI and Law & Order are bad for law enforcement. Why? Because now criminals are learning how to cover their tracks by destroying evidence, like the crime scene. And as regular citizens are watching more crime procedurals, they expect police to do a better job of apprehending criminals - and the prosecution of supplying definitive evidence. Of course, the segment being on NBC, CSI seemed to be blamed many more times to just one mention of L&O. Gothamist does think that everyone (including us) is an armchair detective/prosecutor these days, especially since we marvel at the stupidity of some criminals. But if the Nielsen ratings mean anything, crime folks can stop worrying and suburbanites should start, as it's all about suburban ennui. Or people who want to be famous singers on reality shows.

And the Armchair Detective story in David Sedaris's Me Talk Pretty One Day is a favorite.