Jackie, of Playing it Straight; Photo: NY Post

Ah, Fox, what would the world do without you? Fox is rolling out two new reality programs: One called "Swan" is basically like Extreme Makeover meets the Miss Universe pageant. The other is "Playing It Straight," where Jackie dates 14 men, who are a mix of hetero- and homosexuals; if she picks a heterosexual, they split $1 million, but if she picks a homosexual, the homo gets the money. Sadly, "Playing It Straight" is not set in New York where straight women fall in love with gay men every day - it's set on a "dude ranch" in Nevada, the Sizzling Saddles. Fox executive Mike Darnell said, "The straight men are playing it normal and the gay men went through some training. Some really fool you. It's emotionally draining for the star."

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