It's just like Dynasty all over again! Gothamist has to hand it to Fox and The WB for bringing some of the nutty soap antics we are ashamed to love back to prime time. The WB's One Tree Hill featured a catfight amongst some of the generically attractive starlets. And, last night, on The O.C., Julie and Hailey fell into the Cohen's pool while fighting. Damn. Gothamist hasn't seen this kind of high drama since the days of Jane Andrews Mancini and Sydney Andrews at Melrose Place. Now, while Gothamist agrees that catfights are demeaning to women, added to the number of distressing "women can't compete against each other" stereotypes we see on TV (The Apprentice, America's Top Model), but in the context of these soapy shows, we'll give them a bye. We did, however, find the Miller Lite Catfight ads stupid.

Other places catfights occur: Alleys, offices, sample sales.