2007_03_30rock.jpgAlthough the extremely gross clip of Glenn Beck propositioning an US Weekly writer on CNN was amazing, it's too awkward for us to enjoy. So our vote for the best line on TV yesterday is from 30 Rock.

One of the plotlines was "Jack (Alec Baldwin) forces Tracy (Tracy Morgan) to attend The Source Awards." Oh, the sitcom wackiness! Naturally, Tracy refuses to go to the Source Awards, because of its history of controversy, and says:

"Shooting people at the Source Awards is a tradition. It's like Christmas! Or shooting people outside of Hot 97!"

Heh! Also awesome was the mention of MC Skat Kat.

Remember when 50 Cent and The Game had that beef that included a shooting outside Hot 97? The NYPD even put up a surveillance camera outside their offices while Hot 97's landlord tried to kick them out.